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Hurricane Wind Damage to Siding of Homes

Pings from wind driven debris aluminum siding Florida Hurricane wind debris damage to asbestos siding on Florida house Wind damage to the metal siding of a shed in Florida Florida hurricane winds debris damaged vinyl siding Hardboard siding damaged in Florida when power drop yanked out  
Figure 33 Figure 34 Figure 35 Figure 36 Figure 37  


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Wind Driven debris very frequently damages all types of siding. Much of the time suitable replacement of a matching style is not available and replacement of all the siding is the only reasonable option.

In figure 33 and 34, aluminum siding and asbestos siding have been dinged, dented or broken.  Matching pieces of these styles of siding are not readily available due to age and so the siding should be replaced in its entirety. 

In figure 35 a premanufactured metal shed has sustained many debris impacts.  For some reason most people do not look to see if the siding on their shed has sustained damage after a storm.

In figure 36, debris has impacted vinyl siding.  Many styles of vinyl can be matched, however, some are not in production any longer and would require replacement of all of the siding.

In figure 37, the electrical wire has been pulled loose by a falling limb and damaged the paint on this siding.  This side of the home should now be repainted.