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Indirect Damage From Wind

Figure 39
Figure 40
Figure 41
Figure 42
Figure 43


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In figure 39, debris has damaged a gutter downspout.  If the gutters are painted to match other trim then both the gutters and matching trim should be painted.  Note that hail can also easily damage aluminum gutters.

In figure 40,the fringe of one of the metal awnings was impacted by wind.  Due to the age and design of these awnings a matching replacement is probably not available and all of the awning may require replacement.

In figure 41, This is a debris impact in the aluminum fascia.  Although matching replacement is available for many styles there is the possibility it will not be found.  It is possible all the fascia may require replacement.

In figure 42 a metal door has been impacted by debris.  If the metal door was painted to match other exterior trim then it should also be repainted.

In figure 43, an air conditioners cooling fins have been impacted by debris.  On occasion the impacts are too deep or too multiple to have a technician comb out and replacement of the unit is the only option.  Hail can also cause significant damage to the cooling fans.