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If you are the victim of a disaster, the sooner you can get help with your insurance claim the better. A public adjuster is just the person to get you the aid you need. Sure, you could submit an insurance claim on your own, but without an advocate on your side your ultimate settlement could fall short. Make sure you cover your bases by getting insurance claim help from the start.

A public adjuster has a different focus than the adjuster that the insurance company sends to help with your insurance claim. The insurance adjuster wants to be of assistance but also wants to limit company losses. In addition, many adjusters arrive from out of state and simply don’t understand the nuances of building customs, costs, and codes. After a major hurricane or firestorm, insurance adjusters are also overextended. Do you want an insurance company representative who doesn’t know ’s construction industry and is overworked to help you with your insurance claim or would you prefer a professional who is dedicated to making sure you get everything you are entitled to under your policy?

A public adjuster offers insurance claim assistance that is uncompromised. These professionals understand both the insurance claims process as well as the construction industry. From thorough and accurate estimates to strong negotiation skills, having a public adjuster on your side ensures that your final settlement offer will cover all of your covered losses.

For example, if you live in and need insurance claim disaster aid, one of the first people you should call is a public adjuster. Not only will you get help filing the claim and dealing with the paperwork, you will also have a professional who understands your policy. Your adjuster will examine your insurance policy to find out exactly what is covered under it. He will also thoroughly survey the damage to your home or business. The insurance claim help doesn’t stop there. Detailed documentation and accurate estimates are part of the package along with negotiations with your insurer.

Getting insurance claim help doesn’t cost you a penny upfront. Instead, you will pay a percentage of the total settlement after the public adjuster has negotiated a better settlement offer with your insurance company. This allows you to get the help you need with your insurance claim without financial burden. Plus, your settlement check should be dramatically higher when you have a professional public adjuster helping with the insurance claim.

While disasters strike regularly, many people don’t know where to turn when they need help claiming insurance losses. You don’t have to go through the process alone or simply rely on the estimates your insurance company provides. Instead, you can get immediate assistance along with a professional with your best interests as priority number one.

Depending on the scope of your insurance claim, piles of paperwork will arrive. With a public adjuster’s help, the burden is shifted from your shoulders to theirs. The adjuster knows exactly which forms to fill out and how to complete them accurately. Because of this assistance, your insurance claim will go smoother with fewer delays.

Do you know how to document your losses? When filing an insurance claim in , it helps to know exactly what’s been lost. A public insurance adjuster will go through your property, surveying and documenting all damage both to the buildings as well as to the contents. With this detailed help, you can expect an equitable insurance claim settlement offer and peace of mind.





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