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Hurricane Wind Damage to House Framing

florida hurricane cracked roof rafter f Wind load cracked this valley rafter on a Florida home Rafters in this Florida home have pulled away from ridge beam Hurricane winds blew insulation around in attic of Florida home water damaged blown in insulation in Florida home Wavy roof in Florida has broken ridge beam  
Figure 26
Figure 27
Figure 28
Figure 29
Figure 30
Figure 31
Figure 32


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Many times significant structural damage to roof framing results from the shear force of wind itself without trees or tree limbs coming into contact with a home.  Figures 26 through 29 illustrate this all too well. cracked rafters, ridge beams and rafter separated from the ridge beams are commonly found if someone takes the time and effort to look.  Unfortunately some attics do not offer easy access for inspection.  Even the more roomy attics as illustrated in figures 30 and 31 offer a notable obstacle to negotiate in an effort to inspect the framing.

In figure 32, the roof body and ridge line are wavy indicating possible framing damage, however, often there are no outward signs of the damage at all.