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Insurance Claims Process

Claim documentation:  This is the single most important & most neglected step in the claims process.

Public Adjusters are employed exclusively by a policyholder to advocate for them only and have absolutely no affiliation with insurance companies.

The Unit Cost Pricing method was developed many years ago to make estimating insurance losses much quicker and more efficient.

Insurance Adjusters Helping the Public is an information resource compiled by Insurance Adjusters in an effort to help educate the public to the end that consumers may receive what is fair on their property damage insurance claims.

There are numerous valuable insurance claims tools listed above as well as links to sites that you should know about if you are involved in a property damage claim or somehow affiliated with the insurance industry.
Just some of the issues discussed on this site are:

1.  The Property Damage Insurance Claim Process

a . What you need to do right away and why it could make or break your claim

b . The best way to present your claim

c . How to read an insurance estimate

2.  Catastrophe Claims

a. The most common types of property damage sustained

b. The most common types of property damages overlooked (by you and professionals alike)

c.  The problems associated with repairs after a catastrophe such as higher construction costs, contractor contingency contracts, matching of roof shingles, etc.

d.  How to attract an overwhelmed catastrophe adjuster into actually wanting to see your claim right away

3.  Water Damage Claims

a.   Mold – Facts & Myths

b.   When water soaked building materials should be replaced instead of cleaned or repaired

c.    Why many claims get denied due only to miscommunication with the adjuster

4. When You Need Help With Documenting Your Claim For Your Adjuster

a.   We have lists of Public Insurance Adjusters (they work only for policyholders – not insurance companies)

b.    Appraisers – pursuant to the Appraisal Process

c.    Umpires – Pursuant to the Appraisal Process

d.    Attorneys – involved in Insurance Litigation

And much, much more….

Please browse our site to see the many different ways you may be assisted with your property damage claim.  Also check out our forums to speak to others that may be in your situation or to claims some of the many claims professionals that frequent this site every day. 

If you are a claims professional please register with us so that you can begin assisting the public with their insurance claims right away!