Ensuing Damages

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When replacing some building materials thought should be given as to how it could effect surrounding materials.  In addition, an inspection of the substrates to which the replacement materials will be fastened should also be made. Local building codes can also cause a large increase to the cost of reconstruction.

In Figure 4, the gutters have been installed through the roofs drip edge.  When the contractor replaces the roof and drip edge all of the gutters surrounding the home will have to be removed and re-installed.  This practice is very common and can add significantly to the cost of the roof project.

In Figure 5,the drip edge, fascia board, Soffit & Brick Frieze have been painted to match.  To restore appearance to its prior condition all of these areas will require repainting after the roof project has been completed.

In figure 6, the roof decking is visible at the overhang as are the nails penetrating through it from the roof above.  This area and the adjacent siding was painted to match after the roof was installed.  Upon re-roofing many new nails will have again penetrated the overhang requiring the repainting of the overhang and matching siding.

In Figure 7, an inspection of under the existing roof reveals a 2nd layer of shingles to be removed when the home is re-roofed.  Many building codes will not allow roofing over 2 layers of existing shingles and require the removal of all shingles down to the wood decking.  Extra layers of shingles to be removed can add significantly to the labor and debris costs.  Also, many building codes require APA (American Plywood Association) stamped roof decking.  If it is found that subgrade plywood has been used it can increase the cost of re-roofing by thousands of dollars.  Many insurance policies have been know to cover code upgrade costs.

In Figure 8, the pitch of the roof is being read.  Many building codes require that roofs under a certain pitch (how steep the roof is) be roofed differently, potentially costing much more.  Also, if the roof is above a certain pitch many most roofers will charge a premium for the extra costs they incur for labor.





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