Tools of the Adjusting Trade

Laser Distance Measuring Devices
The above link describes the most popular laser measuring devices.  Please note that these models use the laser beam for measurement and are very accurate to hundreds of feet.  In many cases they can even be used for exterior measurements of fences, roofs, etc.  These are not like the older generation models that used sound to measure and a laser only to give you a general idea where you were pointing.  Anyone that takes measurements for a living and is still using a tape measure exclusively is wasting a tremendous amount of their time.
Pitch Gauges - Digital & Analog
The above link display 2 types of gauges necessary for determing the pitch (steepness) of roofs.  Without a pitch gauge the cost of roofing can be significantly over or under estimated.
Tape Measures


Adjusting / Construction Estimating Software
The above page is for links to the estimating programs utilized by most major insurance carriers.  Many of them give an option to download and evaluate their software for free.
Roof Diagramming Software
The software on this page will enable you to diagram almost any roof





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