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Laser Distance Measuring Devices

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Product Review

1. The Disto is the finest laser measurer on the market and comes in many different models with many different options. The Disto-Plus has the optional Built-in telescopic viewer which makes seeing the laser outside in the sunlight much easier. In addition it has a range of approximately 650 feet which makes measuring fences a breeze.


2.  The Fat Max laser is a very accurate and much less expensive laser measurer.  This is  bare bones, no frills model, but will get the job done on interior measurements under 100'.  Use on the exterior would be limited due to the short range and lack of the telescopic viewer to shade the laser target from the sunlight.

Leica Disto

Disto Plus - Laser Distance Meter
Transfers Measurements To Any Windows Program With BLUETOOTH Technology

With the Leica Disto Plus laser distance meter, you are well equipped for every measurement situation. Whether you need high precision or the ability to process measurement data electronically, the Disto Plus will meet your needs. The Leica Disto Plus is the only laser meter in the world that offers high accuracy, attractive design and BLUETOOTH wireless data transfer in one package. Uses the new Disto Transfer program (available for free download)to transfer measured values to the cursor position in Windows software programs. The data can be transferred wirelessly, on site, to a PDA (Pocket PC) or directly to a laptop to be easily used for other purposes.

Two free software programs help to ease your workload. "PlusDraw" allows you to create simple sketches with the measured values on the pocket PC. The sketches can be transferred as a graphic file (.bmp) to the PC while your recorded data is stored in a dedicated Excel spreadsheet. "PlusXL" enables you to record the recorded values immediately and directly into an Excel spreadsheet and to edit them on the PC. You can also send the recorded results directly from your Leica Disto Plus laser distance meter to your BLUETOOTH laptop - wirelessly.